Last One Standing

Douglas GregoryCanadaAges 7- 13

View Last One Standing during the digiPlaySpace event.

Chase your opponents and knock down their dominoes to be the last one standing!

Players take on the role of living dominoes and run around a table arena, leaving behind a trail of standing dominoes that can be toppled. Hit each opponent's trails to knock them down, but beware of being toppled yourself! Lightning-quick rounds mean you're never out for long before the next chase.

Music and sound for Last One Standing produced by David Vitas.

Douglas Gregory

Douglas Gregory is a game designer from Mississauga with a background in Industrial Design from OCAD University. He has worked in both indie and AAA games since 2006. Gregory's independent project Last One Standing was created for TOJam 2016, and he also helped develop the Toronto Nuit Blanche installations Go Poser Go (14) and Pixelate (15). Read more.