James Andean and François Xavier Saint-Pierre: E:100


Using techniques of isolation and deconstruction, Andean and Saint-Pierre strip away the many visual, aural and performative layers of the film medium to isolate a consistent element at cinema’s core. E-100 re-contextualizes cinematic sounds according to their musical properties. Fragments of dialogue, instrumental samples, and environment sounds are combined to create an encyclopedic sonic collage–the monotone voice of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, for example, is sampled with Bernard Hermann’s score for Vertigo. Divorced from their narrative and visual contexts, the memory of each moment’s original filmic context lingers, and evocative juxtapositions ensue.

"E-100 is a vehicle for dedicated listening produced using a specifically designed algorithm... While the aleatoric and collage-like form is indebted to Satie, Cage, Pierre Schaffer and their successors, the work is not a Zen-influenced street-level event attempting to operate at the interstices of art and life... the pleasure of E-100 stems from the collisions of unforeseen sounds as much as from the listeners’ memories of the clips within their original contexts."
–James Andean & François Xavier Saint-Pierre