Virtual Growth

Lieven van VelthovenThe NetherlandsAges 3- 13

View Virtual Growth during the digiPlaySpace event.

Light grows to trace the environment, illuminating hidden edges and organically interacting with people and objects.

North American Premiere

Watch the "living light" slowly spread out and trace the world — including you! You can carry the light and help it spread, or choose to wipe it out instead. But unless you wipe it completely, it will start to grow right back again...

Lieven van Velthoven

Lieven van Velthoven is a Dutch computer scientist/artist with a passion for new types of interaction. His work includes real-time 3D VJ visuals, an installation that traces buildings and people with light, and much more. His mixed-reality racing game, Room Racers, won a Jury Award at Cinekid Festival 2011, the 2012 TIFF Kids Audience Choice Award, and is on permanent display at the renowned ZKM Museum for Contemporary Art in Germany. His installation Headrush won the Audience Choice award at digiPlaySpace in 2015. Read more.