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Film Description

Film Description


Cycling with Moliere
Alceste à bicyclette

Popular television celebrity Gauthier Valence embarks on a train journey to France’s L’Île de Ré with a clear mission in mind: convince his old friend Serge Tanneur to return to the stage in the lead of Molière’s The Misanthrope. The task is not that simple, as Tanneur, a once-renowned comedian, went into exile three years prior, living in a dilapidated house bequeathed by his uncle. He is sick of his vocation, burning every script that he receives. For good and bad, a five-day struggle ensues to bring the great man out of the shadows.


"A skillfully played, modern-day take on a French classic." Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

Director: Philippe Le Guay
Cast: Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, Maya Sansa
Year: 2013
Runtime: 104 minutes
Country: France
Language: French with English subtitles
Distributor: Mongrel

Ratings: ON NR / BC NR / AB NR / SK NR / MB NR / QC NR / Maritmes NR


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