The “360 Equation”: The One Business Model Every Filmmaker Needs To Know

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Session Note

As distribution models continue to evolve in the digital age, savvy filmmakers are using their entrepreneurial skills and social media to sell both digital and physical goods directly to fans. Building upon acclaimed marketing campaigns for such films as Exit Through The Gift Shop and Senna, Marc Schiller, CEO and Founder of BOND Strategy and Influence, shared how filmmakers and distributors can fully leverage new direct-distribution channels.

Guest Biography

    • Marc Schiller
    • Founder and CEO, BOND Strategy and Influence

      Marc Schiller is an accomplished executive with a wealth of industry and entrepreneurial knowledge in brand strategy, marketing, and public relations. For fifteen years, BOND has re-written the book on how entertainment companies and brands should approach marketing in the digital age. Under Marc's leadership, the company blends the smarts of a strategic consulting firm with the influence of a creative marketing agency to transform clients' businesses. Marc has recently lead the marketing strategy for such films as Exit Through The Gift Shop, Senna, The Imposter, Marley and many others.