Kindergarten Cop

dir. Ivan Reitman

Series - Retrospective

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A muscle-bound detective (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on the trail of a vicious drug dealer must go undercover as a kindergarten teacher — and soon finds that the mean streets may be safer than the classroom.

"It's not a tumour!" — John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

After their surprise success with Twins, Ivan Reitman and Arnold Schwarzenegger reteamed for another comedy outing, this time contrasting the star's mountainous physique and inimitable accent against something even smaller and cuddlier than Danny DeVito: thirty adorable pre-schoolers, all saying the darndest things. Schwarzenegger plays tough-as-nails detective John Kimble, whose pursuit of a vicious drug dealer leads him to his quarry's ex-wife (Penelope Ann Miller), who is working as a teacher at a small public school. When his diminutive female partner comes down with the flu, the intimidating, muscle-bound Kimble is forced to go undercover as the new kindergarten teacher, and soon finds that the mean streets may be safer than the classroom. A big box-office hit, Kindergarten Cop completed the family-friendlifying of Schwarzenegger's über-macho image, and launched a whole sub-genre of Big Tough Guy/Cute Little Kid movies starring the likes of Hulk Hogan (Mr. Nanny), Vin Diesel (The Pacifier) and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Tooth Fairy).