No More Easy Going

Mo ho-zue wa tsukanai

dir. Yoichi Higashi

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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A young woman is torn between her obnoxious boyfriend and an older, eccentric journalist with ties to the underworld, in this extraordinarily intimate study of male fecklessness and female desire.
Based on a runaway bestseller by twenty-three-year-old Noriko Minobe, this intense portrait of a young woman caught between two lovers was director Yoichi Higashi's follow-up to his great international success The Boy Called Third Base. Kaori Momoi won several prizes for her performance as Mariko, a university student who continues to live with her obnoxious boyfriend even as she longs after an older, eccentric journalist who has ties to the underworld. Higashi, who had previously worked as an assistant director for Kazuo Koroki (whose Preparation for the Festival also screens in this series), achieves an extraordinary intimacy — "The close-up of a young woman's breathing," is how he phrased his intention with the film — and fills out his portrait of male fecklessness with a tangential story about a philanderer brought back into line by his wife's scissors.