dir. Tom McGrath

Series - Retrospective

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Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Ben Stiller lend their voices to this animated tale of a bulbous-headed supervillain who has to become the good guy when his even more evil creation threatens to take over the world.
Arriving on Earth as the only survivors of a destroyed planet, two extraterrestrial infants grow up to become the beloved superhero Metro Man (Brad Pitt) and the blue, bulbous-headed outcast and criminal genius Megamind (Will Ferrell). When Megamind finally gets the best of his lifelong foe, he finds there's suddenly much less fun in life. Seeking a new superhero to battle, Megamind creates Titan (Jonah Hill), who, it turns out, has his sights set on world domination — which forces Megamind to reluctantly don the despised tights of Good. A superhero switcheroo with a great voice cast that also includes Tina Fey, David Cross and Ben Stiller, Megamind is a giddy pop-culture pastiche that packs every frame with references to comic books, monster movies, and Saturday morning cartoons.