Astro Boy

dir. David Bowers

Series - Retrospective

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Nicolas Cage and Donald Sutherland lend their voices to this slick CG update of the classic anime series.
In the futuristic floating metropolis of Metro City, robotics genius Dr. Tenma (voiced by Nicolas Cage) loses his young son in a terrible accident, and copes with his grief by creating Astro Boy (Freddie Highmore), a super-advanced robot made in his son's image and implanted with his son's memories. While struggling to reconcile his robotic identity with his human memories, Astro is targeted by Metro City's evil ruler President Stone (Donald Sutherland), who desires the advanced "Blue Core" energy that powers Astro. Fleeing Metro City for the Earth's surface far below, Astro joins forces with a group of inventive kids who make robots from trash, while Stone pursues him with his giant, deadly "Peacekeeper" robot. A slick CG update of the classic Japanese animated series, Astro Boy retains the spirit of the original while upping the action ante considerably.