Speed Racer

dir. Lana Wachowski, Andy Wachowski

Series - Retrospective

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The Wachowski Siblings' mega-budgeted CG update of the 1960s anime series is a dazzlingly artificial, candy-coloured retinal explosion of a movie.
Speed (Emile Hirsch) is the latest of the legendary Racer family to take up competitive auto racing, and he may very well be the best. But when Speed turns down an offer from the owner of a massive global conglomerate to join a corporate racing team, the vengeful tycoon reveals that the races have been fixed for years by powerful corporate interests, and that Speed will never win again. In order to save the Racer family business, Speed teams with his former rival, the mysterious Racer X (Matthew Fox), for a death-defying cross-country race that previously claimed the life of his idolized older brother Rex. Faithfully adapting the classic 1960s anime series, the brains behind the Matrix trilogy created a dazzlingly artificial, candy-coloured retinal explosion of a movie that is hyper-kinetic at its slowest moments. With a first-rate cast that also includes John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, Christina Ricci and Korean pop star/Stephen Colbert love idol Rain, Speed Racer is "pure cotton candy — entirely non-nutritious but too sweet and pretty for young people to resist" (Todd McCarthy, Variety).