Rusty Knife

Sabita naifu

dir. Toshio Masuda

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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Freshly released from prison, an embittered ex-con goes after the crime syndicate responsible for the rape and suicide of his girlfriend in this gritty, no-nonsense crime thriller.
The first of numerous top-ten box-office hits by Nikkatsu workhorse Toshio Masuda — who went on to direct a whopping fifty-two features for the studio in just ten years — Rusty Knife features top Nikkatsu star Yujiro Ishihara as Yukihiko, a former low-level yakuza freshly released from prison after serving a five-year term for killing the man he believed responsible for the rape and suicide of his girlfriend. Although he now intends to go straight, Yukihiko puts his rehabilitation on the backburner when he discovers that his lover's death was engineered by a crime syndicate whose head men masquerade as respectable businessmen and community leaders. A gritty, no-nonsense crime thriller, Rusty Knife features notable early appearances by future Nikkatsu stars Akira Kobayashi as Yukihiko's numbskull buddy and Joe Shishido as a hapless blackmailer.