Drug War

dir. Johnnie To

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A tough police captain makes a devil's bargain with a captured drug lord as he mounts a massive sting operation against a narcotics ring, in the gripping new thriller from Hong Kong action auteur Johnnie To.

One of the premiere action directors in the world, Hong Kong's Johnnie To (The Mission, PTU, Exiled) comes blazing back to the screen with his literally explosive new thriller, the first of his action opuses to be set in Mainland China. After his narcotics factory goes up in a ball of flame, drug manufacturer Choi Tin-ming (longtime To veteran Louis Koo) is captured by hard-nosed cop Zhang Lei (Sun Honglei), who is spearheading a sting operation against a massive narcotics network. Coerced by the threat of the death penalty to turn informant, Choi takes Zhang undercover into the narcotics pipeline — but as Zhang Lei gets deeper and deeper into the drug syndicate and tightens the net around the dealers, he is still not sure whether his unwilling partner will renege on their devil's bargain. "A nail-biter ... edge-of-your-seat material" (Variety).