Fast Company

dir. David Cronenberg

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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One of Cronenberg's most uncharacteristic films, this action-packed drag-racing drama attests to the director's gearhead fascination with cars and machinery.


While certainly the most uncharacteristic title in Cronenberg's filmography, this no-frills, action-packed drag-racing drama — starring William Smith (later Arnold Schwarzenegger's father in Conan the Barbarian), B-movie exploitation queen Claudia Jennings (her last film before her tragically early death) and Enter the Dragon's John Saxon — nevertheless brought together a remarkable number of key elements in Cronenberg's professional and artistic universe. On the first count, Fast Company marked the director's first time working with many of the people who would become some of his most important collaborators: production designer Carol Spier, cinematographer Mark Irwin, sound recordist Bryan Day, and editor Ron Sanders. Furthermore, the film also attests to Cronenberg's gearhead enthusiasms, his love of cars and machinery that provides a fascinating complement to his fascination with biological change and sexual transgression. (These strains would later come together, of course, with Crash.)