Revenge of the Nerds

dir. Jeff Kanew

Series - Retrospective

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Geeky freshmen band together to take on the Aryan jocks of the tyrannical Alpha Beta fraternity in this sequel-spawning campus comedy.
Arriving for their first year at Adams College, nerdy best friends Gilbert Lowe (Anthony Edwards) and Lewis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) are soon kicked out of their freshmen dorm by the members of the jock Alpha Beta fraternity, after the Alpha Betas accidentally burn down their frat house. Relentlessly persecuted for their nerdish leanings by the Alpha Betas and their stuck-up sorority sisters the Pi Delta Pis, Gilbert and Lewis realize that the only way to stand up for themselves — and get some well-deserved vengeance — is to start their own fraternity and beat the Alpha Betas at the college's annual Greek Games. One of the most successful of the campus comedies released in the wake of Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds is the ne plus ultra of the social-outcasts-make-good template — the epic finale, featuring a Kraftwerk-inspired nerd concert and mistaken-identity payback sex, is a triumphant vindication of the geek culture that would soon come to dominate popular culture as a whole.