The Young Girls Turn 25

Les demoiselles ont eu 25 ans

dir. Agnès Varda

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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Agnès Varda's ebullient documentary revisits Jacques Demy's classic The Young Girls of Rochefort on its twenty-fifth anniversary.

A thrilling companion to The Young Girls of Rochefort, Varda's ebullient documentary revisits that classic on its twenty-fifth anniversary. Returning to Demy's film and its setting, reuniting some of its stars, and considering (in very Demy-like fashion) what changes time has wrought in the meantime, the film is far more than an update. Varda magically intercuts extracts from Rochefort, portions of a home movie she shot on set, material from a "making of" film by Belgian director André Delvaux, scenes of a Demy celebration in Rochefort in which a street was named in his honour, and interviews with town inhabitants, composer Michel Legrand, press attaché Bertrand Tavernier (yes, one and the same), and Catherine Deneuve. (Deneuve's sister and co-star in Young Girls, Françoise Dorléac, who died soon after the film's shoot, movingly re-emerges in Varda's home movies.)