Body Melt

dir. Philip Brophy

Series - Retrospective

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A new vitamin pill causes some unfortunate side effects in the residents of a small town — including mutation, melting, and exploding — in this gleefully disgusting Australian atrocity exhibition.

Seeking a test market for their new vitamin supplements, a trendy Australian health clinic dispenses the pills for free to the residents of the small town of Pebbles Court. Unfortunately for the locals, the pills have some unpleasant side effects, including mutation, melting, exploding — or, in the "lucky" cases, dangerous hallucinations that turn the subjects into crazed, deformed monsters. As this epidemic spreads, local detectives try to piece together what's causing the massacre and stop the distribution of the dangerous supplements before they spread even further. Frenetically paced and full of slapstick gags and lots of delightfully gruesome gore, director Philip Brophy's Aussie atrocity exhibition is a gleefully over-the-top horror comedy in the vein of Peter Jackson's Dead Alive.

Print courtesy of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia