La vie rêvée

The Dream Life

dir. Mireille Dansereau

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One of the first feature-length Canadian films to be credited to a female director, the debut film by Mireille Dansereau focuses on the friendship between two young women whose dreams of perfect love collide with a considerably harsher reality.

One of the very first feature-length Canadian narrative films to be directed by a woman (or at least credited as such), Mireille Dansereau's La vie rêvée tells the story of two women working at a Montreal film production house who become fast friends. Despite seeing themselves as independent women, they share the dream of finding the perfect man — but fantasy and reality soon crash head-on. An early feminist critique of the Hollywood-fuelled myth of perfect love, La vie rêvée is a humorous, intelligent, and wonderfully imaginative gem of 1970s Canadian cinema.

Introduction by film scholar and award-winning documentary filmmaker Brenda Longfellow.