Love That Boy

dir. Andrea Dorfman

TIFF Cinematheque - Canadian Open Vault

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Nadia Litz and a young Ellen Page star in this charming romantic comedy about a super-serious, goal-oriented overachiever who succeeds at everything she sets her mind to — except getting a boyfriend.

"A lesser-known gem with sharp characters that ride the edge of quirky.... It's sweet and funny and deserves to be rediscovered" (Elan Mastai). University student Phoebe (Nadia Litz) is a super-serious, goal-oriented overachiever whose life is disrupted when her best friend, roomie and chief acolyte meets a guy and promptly moves out. The despondent Phoebe responds by adding "Get a Boyfriend" to her voluminous to-do list, but her initial forays in the dating world are disastrous, until she finally acknowledges the intense attentions of her next-door neighbour (Adrien Dixon) — the only problem being that he's fourteen years old. Andrea Dorfman's luminous and touching comedy about the quixotic nature of attraction boasts a charmingly goofy 1950s look and an amazing cast, including Litz (in her first starring role) and an early turn by Ellen Page.

Tonight's screening will be introduced by Nadia Litz and veteran screenwriter Elan Mastai, who most recently wrote the script for Mike Dowse's romantic comedy The F Word (an Official Selection of the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival).