I Know Where I'm Going!

dir. Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

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Stranded in a Scottish seaside village on her way to marry for money, a determined young woman (Wendy Hiller) has her lifelong plans complicated when she meets a dashing naval officer (Roger Livesey), in Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's sublime, mystically-tinged romance.

Since she was an infant, the incurably practical Joan Webster (Wendy Hiller) has known exactly where she was going, and now she's ready to realize her dream: she will be married to an aged, wealthy industrialist and live in luxury the rest of her natural life. But when Joan heads north for her wedding and ends up stranded by foul weather in a quaint Scottish seaside village, she encounters a possible hindrance to her lifelong plans: a dashing naval officer (Roger Livesey) for whom ancestral legend has decreed a fateful (and possibly fatal) entanglement with a tempestuous beauty. Gorgeously stylized and sweepingly romantic, Powell and Pressburger's sublime, mystically-tinged romance is one of the pinnacles of their remarkable partnership.