Once Upon a Time in China Parts I & II

Approx. Duration: 4 hour 6 minutes

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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Director Tsui Hark teamed with star Jet Li to reinvent the period kung-fu film for a new era with a series of stunning action epics based on the life of the legendary martial artist Wong Fei-hung.

Films in Once Upon a Time in China Parts I & II

    • Once Upon a Time in China
    • Tsui Hark
    • Martial-arts master Wong Fei-hung (Jet Li) is recruited to help defend his home province against rapacious, human-trafficking American imperialists, in director Tsui Hark's stunning reinvention of the classic period kung-fu film.

    • Once Upon a Time in China II
    • Tsui Hark
    • Jet Li goes toe to toe with his fellow martial-arts icon Donnie Yen in the first sequel to director Tsui Hark's massively successful and highly influential contemporary martial-arts epic.