Packaged Goods: Celeb Spotting

Approx. Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes

Packaged Goods: Celeb Spotting

Approx. Duration: 1 hour 29 minutes

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As festival fever mounts, this programme examines the use of celebrities in advertising and music videos.

This programme is rated 14A.

As festival fever hits TIFF Bell Lightbox, this edition of Packaged Goods delves into the starstruck world of celebrity endorsements. Ranging from the artful to the oddball — and with some favourite blasts from the past thrown in — the programme also includes a selection of music videos featuring surprising and entertaining celeb cameos.

Programme includes: Galaxy Chocolate, "Chauffeur"
(dir. Daniel Kleinman \ Rattling Stick \ AMV BBDO \ UK 2013 \ 1:00)
Long-passed film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn is revived for this chocolate ad.

Cumberland Farms, "Thirsty For Love"
(dir. Adam Cameron \ Redtree Productions \ Full Contact \ USA 2013 \1:00)
David Hasselhoff is epically thirsty for some iced coffee!

Martini, "A Beautiful Race"
(dir. Francois Girard \ Independent Media \ Momentum \ USA 2008 \ 0:50)
A dapper George Clooney throws caution to the chivalrous wind while angling for a Martini cocktail.

Emerald Nuts, "Robert Goulet"
(dir. Perlorian Brothers \ Biscuit Filmworks \ Goodby Silverstein & Partners \ USA 2007 \ 0:30)
Emerald Nuts helps you fight the 3-O'Clock Robert Goulets.

Old Spice, "Hungry Like The Wolf"
(dir. The Perlorian Brothers \ Biscuit Filmworks \ Wieden + Kennedy \ USA 2007 \ 1:00)
King of camp acting Bruce Campbell slow-jams Duran Duran.

DieHard Batteries, "Diehard Battery vs. Gary Numan"
(dir. James Frost \ Zoo Films \ Y&R Chicago \ USA 2010 \ 1:50)
Gary Numan brings his '80s hit "Cars" to life in an inventive way.

Broken Bells, "The Ghost Inside"
(dir. Jacob Gentry \ POPFilms/Soapbox Films \ USA 2010 \ 5:00)
Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks goes on an intergalactic journey in this Broken Bells vid.

PlayStation 4, "Greatness Awaits"
(dir. Rupert Sanders \ MJZ \ BBH NY \ USA 2013 \ 1:30)
Actor Taylor Handley delivers a rousing and action-packed gaming pep-talk for PlayStation 4.

Sony Dreams, "Keep Right"
(dir. Tim Godsall \ Biscuit Filmworks \ Young & Rubicam \ USA 2004 \ 4:00)
For Ewen Bremner and Lance Henriksen an imaginative scene ends in betrayal in this short from the Sony Dreams film project.

The Shoes, "Time To Dance"
(dir. Daniel Wolffe \ Somesuch&Co. \ France \ 8:30)
Jake Gyllenhaal goes on a sociopathic rampage in this vid for French electro outfit The Shoes.

Antony and the Johnsons, "Cut the World"
(dir. Nabil \ USA 2012 \ 4:40)
Willem Dafoe meets a terrible fate in this soft yet savage tale, featuring Carice van Houten and performance artist Marina Abramovi?.

Beach House, "Wishes"
(dir. Eric Wareheim \ USA 2013 \ 4:50)
Twin Peaks star Ray Wise brings the notion of an inspirational coach to new levels.

Prada, "Candy"
(dir. Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola \ The Director's Bureau \ Italy 2013 \ 3:30)
Anderson and Coppola create a whimsical love triangle, starring French actress Léa Seydoux, in a series of short films for Prada.

Paul McCartney, "My Valentine"
(dir. Paul McCartney \ UK 2013 \ 3:15)
Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp deliver a gesture-based love note for Paul McCartney

Louis Vuitton, "Word"
(dir. Stuart A. McIntyre \ Steam Films \ Ogilvy Paris \ France \ 2012 \ 2:24)
Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) brings the words of Mohammed Ali to life in a spoken word performance.

Adidas, "House Party"
(dir. Nima Nourizadeh\ Partizan \ Sid Lee \ Canada 2009 \ 2:40)
Adidas' many affiliated celebs get together for one hell of a party!

Nike, "Pool"
(dir. Stacy Wall \ Epoch \ WK Portland \ USA 2006 \ 1:00)
LeBron James takes on multiple characters in this breezy character exploration.

DNB Nor, "Lucky"
(dir. Martin Werner \ Bacon \ Try/Apt \ Norway 2011 \ 1:00)
Imagine if you woke up married to George Clooney…

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, "The Replacer"
(dir. Wayne McClammy \ Hungry Man \ 72andSunny \ USA 2013 \ 2:30)
Call of Duty offers the hardcore fan a way out of real-life commitments in order to play Black Ops 2.

T-Mobile, "Day 213 of 730"
(dir. Adam & Dave \ Arts & Sciences \ Publicis Riney \ USA 2013 \ 0:30)
Bill Hader suffers one of the many indignities of having to wait for a phone contract to expire in order to upgrade.

Samsung, "Tim Burton"
(dir. Matt Downing \ Epoch \ 72andSunny \ USA 2013 \ 1:30)
It appears even Tim Burton has limits when imagining the fantastical.

Ford Fusion, "Car from the Future"
(dir. Ben Dickenson \ Ghost Robot \ Team Detroit \ USA 2013 \1:35)
Comedian Reggie Watts amusingly remixes real tweets reacting to the new Ford Fusion.

Tap King, "Hello"
(dir. Steve Rogers \ Revolver \ BMF \ Australia 2013 \ 1:00)
Lionel Richie reprises his hit song "Hello" to ask a very important question.