Exhibitions - digiPlayspace

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The spectacularly successful TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace is returning to TIFF Bell Lightbox for its third year! Take your kids on an interactive adventure where they will laugh and learn with new media technologies, learning-centric games, and hands-on production activities. There's something for everyone!

Films in digiPlaySpace

    • Bwiip
    • Jonathan Guberman
    • Use a Bwiip circuit board to breathe new creative life into last-generation game hardware by transforming Nintendo Wii controllers into musical instruments!

    • Creative Play Online
    • Sara Grimes, Deborah Fields
    • Create your own worlds, make your own games and remix the web with these creative programs presented in partnership with the University of Toronto and Utah State University's research project Kids Do-It-Yourself Media.

    • Cubelets
    • Modular Robotics
    • Cubelets are magnetic blocks that can be snapped together to make an endless variety of robots, with no programming and no wires! Cubelets will be available for sale in TIFF Shop!

    • D.I.G.I.T.
    • Teehan+Lax Labs
    • From the experimental research team of internationally acclaimed design firm Teehan+Lax comes this entertaining machine-vision piece that makes you wonder: "If your alarm clock had eyes, what would it see?"

    • Halo
    • Alex Beim, Travis Kirton
    • Wave, run, jump, act, play and dance your way through this large-scale interactive light-based installation.

    • Ibb and Obb
    • Sparpweed
    • Gravity isn't what it used to be with this cooperative game for two, where you and a partner work together to find your way through a mind-bendingly non-Newtonian world.

    • PaperDude VR
    • Globacore
    • Hop on your bike, strap on your virtual-reality headset, and get ready to pedal along your paper route in this immersive homage to the classic retro videogame Paperboy!

    • Rivethead Robotics
    • Dan Austin
    • Come marvel at the unique and whimsical robots that celebrated Canadian artist Dan Austin makes of recycled and reclaimed parts he scours from trash bins, thrift stores and scrap yards!

    • Sphero Speedway
    • Orbotix
    • Join up to 3 other players and put the pedal to the metal to race Spheros, the super-fun, colour-changing robotic balls controlled from mobile devices. Sphero will be available for sale in the TIFF Shop!

    • Super Pong
    • SuperUber
    • Join up to 7 other players for triumphant goal-scoring action, heart-wrenching near misses and miraculous saves on the playing field of this fast-paced game installation inspired by Pong and foosball.

    • TIFF Kids APPcade
    • Brock Dubbels, Carla Fisher, Debbie Gordon, Sara Grimes, Donald Henderson, Richard Lachman, TIFF Kids
    • Kids and parents learn together through play and creation, exploring a range of games, creative tools and storytelling activities on the latest mobile and tablet devices.

    • Toto Temple
    • Juicy Beast
    • Grab a controller and get in on the action in this four-player party game, in which small, colourful characters try to hold on to the lucky goat and collect gold coins for extra points!

    • Video Sans-Video Game
    • Michael Newman
    • Control a hand-made videogame without any video! Use computer numeric control to drive the action as you side-scroll your way through hand-drawn levels, avoiding obstacles and enemies in a race to the finish.

    • Water Light Graffiti
    • Antonin Fourneau
    • Grab a brush and paint your own masterpiece... with water! This large-scale interactive installation is made up of thousands of LEDs that shine brightly when you touch them with water.