The Arabian Nights introduced by Roberto Villa

Approx. Duration: 2 hour 38 minutes

TIFF Cinematheque - Retrospective

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In conjunction with the Italian Cultural Institute's photo exhibition Pasolini’s l’Oriente: Arabian Nights Through the Photographs of Roberto Villa, photographer Roberto Villa introduces our screening of the concluding chapter of Pasolini's Trilogy of Life.

Guest Biography

    • Roberto Villa
    • Roberto Villa is a photographer, director and a media researcher based in Milan. A forerunner in the use of media technology and digital photography, he founded his photography, design and advertising agency AudioVisualCommunication in 1957. He has served as the technical director of numerous design magazines, and his work has been featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and National Geographic. In 1973, Pier Paolo Pasolini invited him on the set of The Arabian Nights as the official film photographer. In 2008, Villa donated his vast archive, which includes photographs from The Arabian Nights, to the Cineteca di Bologna.

The Arabian Nights introduced by Roberto Villa

    • The Arabian Nights
    • Il fiore delle mille e una notte
    • Pier Paolo Pasolini
    • Shot on location in Yemen, Nepal, Iran and Ethiopia, the conclusion of Pasolini's Trilogy of Life employs Scheherazade's stories to explore the "idyllic sexuality" Pasolini sought in countries unsullied by European culture.