Case Study: The Legend of Sarila

TIFF Kids - Industry Programming

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A closer look at The Legend of Sarila through a panel discussion with some of its key players, following a special Industry Screening of the film. Speakers will explore the development process of making the film, adapting Aboriginal mythology and representation of Inuit culture in the story development, animation and production design. The panel will also look at best practices in co-production and the market for children's feature films in Canada.
Speakers to include: Marie Claude Beauchamps - Executive Producer and President of Carpe Diem Films Nancy Florence Savaard - Director, The Legend of Sarila More speakers to be announced soon.

Guest Biographies

    • Marie-Claude Beauchamp
    • Marie-Claude Beauchamp has produced, executive produced and financed over three hundred hours of scripted fiction for theatre and television. She is the driving force behind CarpeDiem Film & TV, which she founded to bring quality family and children's entertainment - both live-action and animated - to audiences worldwide. Beauchamp's most recent project is the 3D stereoscopic animated feature film The Legend of Sarila, which she guided from development, through financing, character design, casting, production and post-production. Her other production credits include Canada's first animated feature film Pinocchio P3K and the live-action feature film The Edge of Madness. At CarpeDiem, she has brought a wide range of television series to the small screen, including Grand Star, a live-CGI teen sci-fi series; My Life Me, a manga inspired animated series for tweens; and Silly Bitty Bunny, a pre-school series co-produced with France and Singapore. As a specialist in international co-productions, Beauchamp has produced programs for TLC (USA), Fox Family (USA), Fox Network (USA), ZDF (Germany), Channel 5 (UK), ITV (UK), RTL (Belgium), Fox Kids Europe, Fox Kids France, France 2, Canal J, La 5ième, and more.
    • Nancy Florence Savard
    • Nancy Florence Savard began her career at the television music channel MusiquePlus, followed by stints at Radio-Canada, Astral, and TVA. She is the founder of Quebec City’s animation house 10th Ave Productions Inc., whose work has been distributed in more than 40 countries. Her projects as director and producer include The Legend of the Christmas Tree, The Story of the Christmas Stocking, The Tradition of the Christmas Log, and The Kiss under the Mistletoe. She is currently producing the animated comedy Le Coq de St-Victor and developing the feature film Mission Katmandou.
    • Xavier Trudel
    • Xavier Trudel has been working in the film and television industry for the past 15 years. Having completed a BA in Film Studies and a Master of Business Administration, Trudel went on to work for eight years at TQS network, including four as Manager of Acquisitions. In 2007, he joined the Alliance Vivafilm team as Director of TV Sales and then continued his climb to become Senior Vice-President. He has notably entered into key agreements with several partners to ensure the optimal exploitation of Alliance's films and series catalogues on all platforms.
    • Nicole Baillargeon
    • Nicole Baillargeon is a financial analyst for SODEC's film equity programs. From 2000 to 2011, she served as team leader with the Québec Film and Television Tax Credit programs and prior to that, Baillargeon worked for several production companies in various television genres, including comedy, drama, documentary and variety series. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Art History.
    • Karine Martin
    • Karine Martin is a Canadian lawyer and producer with more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Since 2002, as president and CEO of Mediabiz, she has been involved in equity raising, fund managing and financial engineering for media groups, international banks, private and pension funds, and producers throughout Asia, North America and Europe. Mediabiz also lent her services to the Lagardère Group, for which she acted as COO of one of its financing entities. Through Mediabiz and its affiliates, Karine has acted as Executive Producer or Financier for more than 30 film or television projects.