Guest Speakers

July 14

One of the pre-eminent genre directors in the world, Johnnie To has had a long, diverse and prolific career. Born in Hong Kong, he made his name with a series of crime movies, including The Mission (99), PTU (03), Fulltime Killer (01, co-director), and Exiled (06). He has since directed and produced over forty films, often collaborating with Wai Ka Fai, with whom he co-founded the production company Milkyway Image in 1996. To's many directing credits include All About Ah-Long (89), The Heroic Trio (93), Loving You (95), Breaking News (04), Throw Down (04), Election (05) and Election 2 (06) (both of which are screening as part of A Century of Chinese Cinema), as well as Mad Detective (07, co-director), Sparrow (08) and Vengeance (09).