Guest Speakers

February 2

David Footman is Scripted Event Director at Ubisoft Toronto, currently working on Splinter Cell Blacklist. He brings together the worlds of entertainment and gaming. His experience in both industries have made him a top expert in the field, and an invaluable asset to Ubisoft, where he brings his extensive knowledge and creativity to life through leading the narrative team, directing talent and scripted events.

Prior to joining Ubisoft in November 2010, he worked on major television, film and gaming titles. Some of these include: Need for Speed, GodFather II, and XMEN3.
He began his career when he started as a PA on X-Files. He pursued his passions, took every valuable opportunity, and in 2003 shifted into creative, becoming motion capture supervisor for iRobot.

He describes his work at Ubisoft as his dream job.