J. Joly

Guest Speakers

January 6 Module 4

Marc Schiller, Founder and CEO of BOND Strategy and Influence, known, until recently, as Electric Artists, is an accomplished advertising and marketing executive with decades of industry and entrepreneurial knowledge, in the areas of brand strategy, creative corporate consulting, cultural curation and public relations.

BOND’s mission: To help clients understand, tap into and leverage the rapidly evolving technologies that consumers use to communicate in the digital era. To that end, Marc and BOND create innovative influencer strategy campaigns that deliver success for a diverse client base, from independent films and media companies to hospitality giants and Fortune 500 corporations.

Recent agency clients include: American Express, General Electric, Medco, BabyBjörn, Seamless, Tribeca Film Festival, The Economist, Starwood Hotels, Food Network, The History Channel, Microsoft, Netflix, The Los Angeles Lakers and a host of consumer product, hospitality, media and entertainment companies. Marc currently consults on marketing strategy for a variety of film projects that include Banksy’s Academy Award-nominated film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop” and Asif Kapadia’s “SENNA.”

Marc’s relentless focus on social media and how people connect through technology is a signature of his career. Prior to launching BOND, Marc served as Corporate Vice President of House of Blues Entertainment, Inc. where he pioneered music and entertainment content on the internet to create a multi-platform presence for the brand. Before joining the House of Blues, Marc developed motion pictures for Warner Brothers, TNT, and 20th Century Fox.