Paul Brett

Guest Speakers

November 18 Module 2

Paul Brett is a director at the UK integrated media company Prescience. Over the past thirty years, he has worked at Video Arts (the world’s first audio/visual training company), Catalyst, (the world’s first audio-visual publishing company, backed by Goldcrest), TEN – The Movie Channel (Britain’s first pay-TV company), Video Collection International (the world’s first “sell through” label), Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, and Pathé. Paul developed and implemented the UK exhibition and distribution strategy at the British Film Institute/UK Film Council before leaving to found Prescience with Tim Smith. At the BFI/UKFC, Paul was responsible for BFI’s relationships with exhibitors throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, including both art-house and commercial cinemas. Prior to this, he worked for Miramax International as Vice President of European Marketing, as well as Pathé/Guild, VCI and CIC (a joint venture between Paramount and Universal).