Module 4: Marketing, Branding and Audience Building

Module 4: Marketing, Audience Building and Media Training

December 19, 2012/January 5-6-12, 2013

Marketing and Audience Building

Long considered as “dirty” words – areas reserved for marketers and distributors – marketing, branding and audience-building have become the responsibilities of the filmmaker and the producer. Who are you? What are you trying to say and to sell? Who is your audience? How, when, and where do you start the conversation with your audience?

Media Training

How do do you get media attention and gain visibility? The internet and diverse social media tools have helped filmmakers and producers become more visible than ever. Unfortunately, without an expensive publicity campaign, their films can easily disappear in the ambient noise and don't usually stand out in festivals or in the media. In this session, guest speakers will share invaluable tips and teach skills on how to build a relevant publicity campaign in the lead up to a festival appearance or a release. Furthermore, producers will learn about best practices in the media rooms and editorials. They will also be given tools to design and keep the control on "the messaging" behind their film, their career, and their private lives, whether they are giving a live interview in person, on TV or on the radio.

Guest Speakers