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Danis Goulet returns to Northern Saskatchewan in the follow up to her acclaimed film Wapawekka. This coming-of-age tale follows sixteen-year-old Alyssa, a young Cree girl whose plans to be a mom are challenged by reality.


When three estranged sisters reunite for their domineering mother's birthday bash, old wounds open and conflicts rise to the surface, in the powerful and daring new film from Jesper Ganslandt (The Ape).


A pair of female vampires (Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton) wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting English seaside community in this deliciously depraved supernatural drama from Academy Award® winner Neil Jordan.

Casting By

This essential new documentary pays tribute to the legacy of the late, legendary casting director Marion Dougherty and shines a light on one of the most overlooked and least understood crafts in filmmaking. Packed with interviews with a "who's who" of top stars and filmmakers, this world premiere screening will be followed by a live, onstage discussion with people who were deeply affected by Dougherty, including some of the participants in the film.

First Comes Love

With great wit and insight, New York City filmmaker Nina Davenport documents her quest to have a baby as a single mother over forty. Davenport's film taps into the zeitgeist topic of how the modern family is being re-imagined.

Hannah Arendt

The great Barbara Sukowa stars in Margarethe von Trotta's fascinating biography of the influential philosopher and political theorist, whose reporting on the 1961 trial of ex-Nazi Adolf Eichmann led to her famous concept of the "banality of evil."


Kristen Wiig, Annette Bening and Matt Dillon headline this hilarious comedy about a washed-up playwright who, after faking her own suicide as a ploy to get her ex-boyfriend's attention, winds up remanded to the custody of her wackily dysfunctional family.

Love, Marilyn

Love, Marilyn takes an intimate look into the never-before-seen letters, diaries and notebooks of Marilyn Monroe. Appearing on screen to perform Marilyn’s words are renowned contemporary actresses, including Marisa Tomei, Uma Thurman, and Glenn Close.

Middle Of Nowhere

A young woman (mesmerizing newcomer Emayatzy Corinealdi) brings anguish to herself and those around her through her blind devotion to her imprisoned husband, until a chance encounter leads her to reclaim the life she had almost given away. Writer-director Ava DuVernay won the Best Director prize at Sundance for her elegant, emotionally complex second feature.

The Patience Stone

A woman in an unnamed, war-torn Middle Eastern country delivers an engrossing, emotional monologue to her comatose husband, in novelist and filmmaker Atiq Rahimi's poetic and politically charged allegory based on his award-winning novel.

Rafea: Solar Mama

Rafea: Solar Mama follows the groundbreaking journey of one Bedouin mother living on the Jordan-Iraq border who, along with thirty illiterate grandmothers from around the world, will travel to The Barefoot College in India to become Solar Engineers.


Kidnapped and forcibly inducted into a rebel army, a young girl finds herself haunted by premonitory visions in this heartfelt and helplessly moving portrait of a child soldier from Canadian director Kim Nguyen.

The Secret Disco Revolution

Cheekily fun and intellectually absorbing, Jamie Kastner’s meticulously researched documentary casts a new light on the much-maligned musical genre, contending that the disco era represented a moment of mass liberation for women, African-Americans and gay men.

Shit Girls Say

Toronto-based actors and filmmakers Kyle Humphrey and Graydon Sheppard premiere a new episode of their smash-hit internet sensation Shit Girls Say on the big screen.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #2

From sexual taboos and young women coming of age to comedic documentaries, this programme asks challenging questions about the consequences of our decisions, taking us from mountainous villages of Vietnam to a small town in Quebec preparing for the apocalypse.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #5

The perennial theme of family is spotlighted in this programme, linking stories of a father seeking to reconnect with his son through antiquated technology, a young Cree girl planning to be a mother, and a 3-D animated documentary about a woman's decision to give up her children.

Short Cuts Canada: Programme #6

Opening with Nik Sexton's Newfoundland response to the likes of Fubar and Trailer Park Boys, and going out on the YouTube phenomenon that is Shit Girls Say (new episode!), these riotously funny films make keen observations on how people interact with one another, whether it be at a funeral, a pool, a buffet, or stuck in a canoe, naked.

TIFF Docs Conference Day One

Calling all documentary professionals and documentary lovers!


Tuesday is a dog walker. She's also a babysitter. In between, she does her best to sell a used microwave. Inspired by a hypothetical "grown up" version of Holden Caulfield's little sister Phoebe, Tuesday embraces the awkward, irresponsible and defining moments of being a twentysomething.

Virgin Margarida

Veteran filmmaker Licinio Azevedo drew on the stories of real women who endured the Mozambican "re-education camps" for this dramatic and inspiring elegy to the insurgent spirit of women across nations, histories and cultures.


Haunted by his dark past, a man takes a job as a fire warden in a remote tower in the wilderness, and is inexorably drawn towards a young woman with a terrible secret of her own.