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Brad Deane
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Programming for the Festival since: 

Desert-island films:
2 Or 3 Things I Know About Her
The Mother and the Whore
Beau Travail
Johnny Guitar
Le Rayon vert

Your favourite Festival programmer who is not you:
Andréa Picard, because she takes risks by programming the most challenging films but puts them in the proper context to ensure their success. I think the Wavelengths programme has become hugely influential in championing the best world cinema that doesn’t fit into easy categories.

The strangest place you’ve ever watched a film:
On a computer... but apparently this is normal for everyone else.

What do you do for the rest of the year when you aren’t programming for the Festival?
At TIFF Bell Lightbox, I’m part of the year-round TIFF Cinematheque programming team, which is dedicated to championing the history and culture of cinema through carefully curated retrospectives, national and regional spotlights, experimental and avant-garde cinema, and exclusive engagements of classic films, including many new and rare archival prints.