Photo of Piers: Where Jules meets Jim

Piers Handling
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Western Europe, Italy, Poland, USA

Calgary—although I never lived there, and I feel in my bones that Toronto and London, England are really my hometowns. Ottawa would be there somewhere as well!

Programming for the Festival since:

Desert-island films:
Le Mépris
Au hasard Balthazar
The Searchers
The Great Dictator

Your favourite Festival programmer who is not you:
Dimitri, because he has superb taste for the cinema I admire.

The strangest place you've ever watched a film:
Agnès Varda’s living room, with Agnès reading the voiceover for her film as it was projected on to her wall.

What do you do for the rest of the year when you aren't programming for the Festival?
I run TIFF—so, planning, budgeting, managing growth and future projects. In my spare time I hike, ski, read, listen to music, go to concerts and travel lots.

Don't tweet—waiting for the next breakthrough.