When will we find out about the daily camp activities?
Camp schedules will be created in advance of your start date and will be distributed on the first day of camps. The schedule will inform you of the daily activities and potential field trips that your child will be partaking in during camp.

Will TIFF Summer Camps be participating in field trips?
While the majority of the camp will take place in TIFF Bell Lightbox, it is important to recognize that field trips may be included in the camp experience, including but not limited to off-site excursions for location shoots, studio visits and potentially eating lunch outdoors. When considering locations for shoots, field trips may be organized on short notice. In such a case parents will be contacted beforehand regarding the potential location and for parental consent. Consideration for said field trips will place importance on safety and accessibility first. On days when field trips are planned please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately. (ie. sunscreen and/or clothing for potential inclement weather)

Do I have to hand in the camp medical form?

In attending the TIFF camps, all participants must hand in an up-to-date medical form. Please ensure that you include at least one medical form per child attending. These forms can be sent via e-mail or post. If they are not sent beforehand, please come prepared to fill out the form on the morning of the first day of camp.

TIFF camp does not stock or administer medication. Medication should be sent with campers only when absolutely necessary. If medication is required be sure that it is in its original container with clearly labeled instructions. This medical information should also be included on the camper’s medical information form.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation with a refund must be applied for at least 10 business days before your child's Camp begins. A $50 cancellation fee will be withheld per Camp cancelled. There are no refunds for cancellations requested less than 10 business days before your child's Camp begins. Please allow 6-8 weeks for refunds by cheque.

What are the lunch time procedures?
The camp will not provide lunch. Campers are required to pack a lunch each day. Due to the camp location, camper-to-counsellor ratios and to avoid conflicts between participants, campers will not be permitted to leave TIFF Bell Lightbox to buy their lunch. Please take into consideration that the camp area does not have access to a microwave or fridge. Parents are asked to provide additional snacks and or drinks based on your child’s specific needs.

TIFF camp is designated a PEANUT FREE ZONE. Please ensure that your child does not arrive at camp with any food items containing nut products. All camp staff are required to do the same. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

What are the drop-off & pick-up procedures?
Camp staff will meet campers in the morning between 8:45am and 9:15am in the lobby of TIFF Bell Lightbox at 350 King Street West. Please ensure that campers are dropped off no earlier than 8:45am and no later than 9:15am. If traveling by car head west along King St West. The TIFF Bell Lightbox is located on the north west corner of King Street West and John Street. Campers must be signed in each morning with camp staff who will be waiting at the sign-in table.

Alternatively, if travelling by TTC, there are streetcar stops on the 504 King Street route located on the south west and north east corners of King Street West and John Street. Both are directly across from TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Daily camp activities will be ending at 4:00pm. Unless your child is registered in the after care programme, please ensure that you pick up your child no later than 4:15pm. Camp staff and campers will be waiting in the lobby of TIFF Bell Lightbox for parents and/or guardians.

If your child is participating in the after care programme, please discuss pick-up options with the camp supervisor prior to or on the morning of the first day of camp.

Only those designated on the accompanying registration form will be authorized to pick up campers. In order to ensure the safety of all participants, persons picking up campers must show photographic ID. Please notify the camp office as soon as possible if names are missing on the registration form, otherwise written authorization must be handed in to the camp office one day prior. Written authorization can be submitted to the camp office via the camp staff.

Additional Notes
Please ensure that your child leaves all valuables such as iPods, handheld electronic games etc, at home. TIFF is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Campers will be permitted to bring in personal cell phones; however, cell phone use will be limited to specific scenarios and times.

TIFF camp focuses on the creation of and involvement in film. As such, fellow campers and camp staff may photograph your child. Please note the media release on the Registration form. If you have any concerns regarding this please forward them to the camp office.

On behalf of all the staff here at the TIFF Summer Camps, we look forward to seeing both yourself and your children here at the TIFF Bell Lightbox this summer!

Joel Dmitruk
Coordinator, Family & School Programmes
416.599.8433 ext 2098